Spider | Component Sculpture

A couple of months ago a friend of mine won an auction on the contents of a storage unit. We think the guy was a former engineer or tech of some sort. Part of the stash was a ton of very old electronics components including a few boxes of relay logic gear. I used a few of the ceramic resistors and one of the logic relays and made this spider, which kinda scares me. It reminds me of an old “b” movie from the 80’s whose name escapes me. It involved a villain that used lots of creepy robotic things to kill his enemies; one scene featuring these jumping robotic spiders that could poison you.

spider sculpture relay logic electronics components

spider sculpture relay logic electronics components

Some watercolor practice

Yesterday I decided to work more wet in wet and had my try at this birch tutorial by Peter Humeniuk. Learned quite a bit in the process.

birch tree bark watercolor

Also messed around with this exercise scraping trees.

Costa Rica Watercolor Sketches

Sharing a few watercolors from my recent trip to La Fortuna, Costa Rica for a wedding of two good friends of mine.

I love doing these little sketches at the airport
watercolor airport Tarmac

watercolor airplane wing

Arenal volcano watercolor

watercolor of tropical scene

watercolor town square la fortuna costa rica

Cyanotype Printing

Yesterday I did some cyanotyping. A recent trip to see the purple martins roost at the old Highland Mall left me with some images that were just begging to be cyanotyped; high contrast stuff, silhouettes, and such. I also had some old negatives from past cyanotype printing that I wanted to print again.

I had a rough time getting going. As with previous times, I start out without enough exposure and take a while to settle in. All told I ended up with 8 keepers. I need to use test strips more :) I also realized the Canson 140lb paper that I am using is not the best suited for larger prints. Compared to some other types in my stash, it was flimsy when dry and very delicate during the washing process. I’ll be using it instead for watercolors or cutting it up into 5x7s for cyanotyping. It won’t fall apart so easily when cut to smaller sizes.

A couple of 5x7s
Purple martin cyanotype art austin

Purple martin cyanotype art austin

Some larger prints up to 11x15s. Forgive the warped edges from the not very flat drying. They haven’t been pressed yet.
Japanese Gardens in Tokyo
Japanese gardens in Tokyo Japan  Bamboo

gardens cyanotype art Japan

When printing, I always keep coming back to this one image of the Alamo I took a few years back. The contrast works so well with the light raking over the rough cut limestone. I remember standing there in the hot sun waiting for a second or two when the tourists would clear; the State Trooper guard watching me from under a shade oak with a wry grin on his face. I stood there for about 15 minutes and got 3 or 4 good frames during two clear moments of a couple seconds each. Two hours of stanchion-cloning-outing later and I had my image. Totally worth it.
Alamo Texas cyanotype print art San Antonio

And some more Martins. I plan on doing a post of the whole final photo essay soon.
Purple martin cyanotype art austin

Purple martin cyanotype art austin

Purple martin cyanotype art austin

Watercolor Sketches Around Austin

Between my trip to Ireland and my trip to Costa Rica during July I managed to get out a few times and do some watercolor paintings around Austin.

austin auditorium shores water color painting

Austin Long Center water color

Hey Cupcake!
water color of the South Congress Hey Cupcake food trailer

Succulents | Watercolor

Just doing some watercolor sketching around the house. Again, this is backposted from earlier in July.

watercolor painting of succulent plant display

watercolor painting of succulent plant arrangement

Geek Love | Component Sculpture

Another piece from about a month ago. Optoresistors for eyes with a mix of high and low watt resistors, some caps, and LEDs for the bodies.

electronic component sculpture couple cuddling