Geek Love | Component Sculpture

Another piece from about a month ago. Optoresistors for eyes with a mix of high and low watt resistors, some caps, and LEDs for the bodies.

electronic component sculpture couple cuddling

Rockstar | Component Sculpture

Trying to get back into the this blogging and making thing. I did this a few weeks ago. Expect a few catch up post of things made in recent weeks/ months.

The DIY VAL assistant’s light stick

DIY VAL light stick

Often while working at weddings I will rely on an assistant holding a light for me while moving around with me and the action. Gridded flash gives dramatic results allowing you to highlight single couples on the dance floor and control how much chiaroscuro occurs. The downside is that your assistant can’t hold a flash above their head for long, and taking a collapsed light stand on the floor is cumbersome and intrusive. A monopod would work, and well, but seems an expensive solution to the problem.

A simple light stick would be slick looking and functional, wouldn’t it?

Turns out these things practically build themselves!

parts to make DIY light on a stick

The extruded aluminum stock was purchased at the local hardware store; bought in a precut 3 ft length just perfect for the task. The other part is a manfrotto 013 double ended light stand stud/ spigot. We will just be using the 1/4 threaded end of it but the other end will serve to anchor the adapter to our aluminum rod. With some careful work, you could use less expensive spigot adapters, but this one makes it easy.

nice parts fit for DIY light on a stick

Serendipity! They fit almost snuggly, a little epoxy and paint and we will be good to go.

Voice activated light stand DIY light stick

After a few coats of self-etching primer and then some gloss black spray paint, things are looking rather professional.

A little Sculpey polymer clay makes a good end plug for the other side.

This is a super simple and fast project that, like I said earlier, practically builds itself. You should be done in a day of intermittent work. Total cost for parts should be under $15 if you buy right and use paint on hand.

Wedding Light Painting

Here is a single collaborative shot created by myself and Ben Godkin during one of his weddings. We used the RGB light wand along with a single 580EXII flash with a grid to light the bride and groom. The exposure was somewhere around 20 seconds at f/11’ish. The light wand is exceedingly bright which demands the extreme aperture.

rgb led light painting at a wedding with the bride and groom

Logic Stack

integrated circuit, IC, stack image on white, high key

Light Painting | RGB LED Wand First Run

Lately I have been working on a few arduino controlled light painting tools and recently took the first prototype out for a bit of painting in Austin.

A more detailed post about the wand will follow, but a bit of info for the curious. It consists of a 4 lead common cathode RGB LED strip controlled by an RBBB Arduino clone and “driven” with a uln2003 darlington array IC. 4 potentiometers make up a simple UI that controls the multiple mode selection, color and time values for the operational modes. This first version just had three modes programmed for this outing: solid color mixer, time controllable dashed color mixer, and time controllable rainbow fade. Runs on 12v.

light painting Austin Butler Park, Long Center with RGB LED wandlight painting downtown austin with RGB LED wand


figure made from electronic components capacitor resistor LED